Golang - Chapter 14

Learn about using interfaces in Go and check out what’s polymorphism!

Golang - Chapter 13

Learn all about creating and using structs in Go!

Golang - Chapter 12

Maps are one of the most used data structures! Find out how to use maps in Go.

Golang - Chapter 11

We use slices more than arrays in Go. Learn the utility of slices in this chapter!

Golang - Chapter 10

Arrays are one of the most frequently used data structures. Check out how to create and use arrays in Go!

Golang - Chapter 9

What is the defer statement? Why is it so useful in Go? Learn it all here!

Golang - Chapter 8

What are pointers and how to use them in Go!

Golang - Chapter 7

Understand how to deal with errors in Go!

Golang - Chapter 6

This chapter covers the fundamentals of conditionals and loops in Go.

Golang - Chapter 5

Learn how to declare functions, return (multiple) results, the `init` function, how to pass functions around and closures!