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Tech Interviews

Preparing for your next tech interview? Don’t miss these content!

Preparing for Technical Interviews 101

5 tips to prepare for the next technical interview!

Arrays - Two Sum

Classic interview questions on Arrays

Arrays - Three Sum

Classic interview questions on Arrays

Arrays - The Stock Market Problem

Classic interview questions on Arrays


Learn Go!

Golang - Chapter 14

Learn about using interfaces in Go and check out what’s polymorphism!

Golang - Chapter 13

Learn all about creating and using structs in Go!

Golang - Chapter 12

Maps are one of the most used data structures! Find out how to use maps in Go.


Learn Python!

Python - Chapter 5

Learn to use loops in Python!

Python - Chapter 4

Learn to use conditionals in Python!

Python - Chapter 3

Learn the basic building blocks of any Python program – variables and functions!


Learn hosting!

Hosting with Github Pages

Learn how to host a website for free with Github Pages!

Getting a Free Domain For Students

Learn how to get a free domain on Namecheap if you are a student!

Connecting Namecheap Domain with GitHub Pages

Learn how to connect your Namecheap domain with GitHub Pages!

HTTPS - What's the Big Deal

Learn why HTTPS is such a big deal!

Adding SSL

Learn how to get a free SSL certificate for your website!

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